Thursday, September 30, 2010

kristy & co.

Boys will be boys. And in Kristy's case, this is definitely true. Mrs. to the always funny Bryan, mama to brothers Nathan and Dylan (who are both two at the moment, although Nathan will turn three shortly), mama to the four legged Harley, and mama to the soon-to-be baby Brother to brothers Nathan and Dylan. Boys, boys, boys. Lucky for Kristy, and me, she keeps company with some of the sweetest boys around. Harley did his very best to pose with the growing fam, Bryan (as always) was fun and kept the boys laughing, and the boys ... Oh, the boys. Could they be any cuter? Kristy brought along a second change of clothes for them (and some adorable vintage fire trucks), which was full blown Cowboy inspired. Complete with brand new cowboy hats that the boys will get to wear with Grandpa on the ranch. But just the boys. Because, as Nathan likes to point out, "girls can't be cowboys." When I first met this family, little Dylan was literally just that; four weeks, I think. Two years later, Kristy is still as calm and laid back about everything, and the family is just as fun. Sooo excited to meet the new boy early next year, and so happy for this family. Special thanks to Aunt Julia for coming out to play Harley's helper (and for evening out the gender field a bit ...). Thanks, guys, for another great session! Congrats, and enjoy your sneak!

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