Monday, April 20, 2009

kaleigh & co.

My final session of the weekend was with Miss Kaleigh. She was my first senior to show up for a Senior Session all by herself. And she brought 1.5 outfit changes. A no-nonsense young lady with the loveliest brown eyes and sweetest smile. Kaleigh will graduate next month and then will be off to a college near and dear to my heart: Hardin Simmon University, located in Abilene, Texas. I am from Abilene, and my brother and sister-in-law graduated from HSU. Small world, indeed. As we drove to our different locations, I learned that Kaleigh plays the saxaphone in her high school band, is not a fan of sushi, wants to be a physical therapist for children "when she grows up", loves to travel, and is pretty sure that her mama is heartbroken over her graduation (Kaleigh + college = empty nest). She also has some cute quirks. I told her to bring along her prom dress, which she did. We were going to get some shots near the creek outside, but the session prior (with the muddy shoes) made me scared to take any chances with the prom dress (which won't be worn again until May 9th), so we only did a few, in one single spot. I asked her what shoes she was wearing with her lovely gown (because any heel longer than 1/2 inch would have surely sunk), and she showed me her lime green converse sneakers, peeking out from beneath her dress. Quirky. And adorable. Kaleigh was so laid back during our session, up for anything, and I see nothing but success for this lovely, intelligent young woman. Kaleigh, the best of luck to you in the future, thank you for such a fun session, and if you ever want to know anything about Abilene, I'm your girl!

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