Sunday, August 15, 2010

carrie & co.

It was literally a year ago this month when sweet little Emily came to our studio for a newbie session. She was 2.5 weeks then, and an absolute angel. One year later, she's been walking for three month (yep; she took her first steps at 9 months!), can say "dog", "hi" and "graham cracker" and still has the most amazing head of hair. Emily brought along her mommy, daddy and beloved dog, Banjo for the session. Yes, it was miserably hot, but Emily allowed us 4 outfit changes. She was not a big fan of going barefoot in the leaves, nor of the adorable smash cake Carrie brought (she literally cried when it was placed in front of her, and then turned and walked away), but she loved my baskets and shabby chic chairs (thank, in large part, to Brad turning them into fun rides). Guys, it's been so much fun watching her grow up this past year. Thank you so much for sharing her with me. Enjoy your sneaky, and next year we'll just make a graham cracker cake!


  1. Emily is so beautiful! Especially love the family photo and the one of Emily holding on to the chair! What a joy Brad and Carrie have in their laps! Thanks for sharing.