Thursday, August 26, 2010

christian & co.

My grandmother passed away 6 Thanksgivings ago. She lived long enough to meet my first born when he was only 6 weeks old. She never met the little girl I named after her, two years later. So when my cousin, Christian, asked me to take a generational shot with her, her two daughters, her mother, and her grandmother (who also happens to be my late grandmother's baby sister), I was beyond excited and so very moved. I don't get to see my Aunt Bev often, but when I do, I am looking into my grandmother's eyes. Christian was in from Chicago with Hardin (who turned two last month) and Emerson, barely 9 weeks old. As most of my haute stalkers know, I love to brag on my littlest clients. This time, I get to do so with kiddies from my own gene pool! Barely two, Hardin can recite the ABC's, without missing one letter. She will serenade you with the most passionate rendition of Happy Birthday I've ever heard, and she pretty much repeats everything you say. "Jerry Rice" being her favorite catch phrase of the day. She has christened Aunt Sherry "Sheshe" and Uncle Peter "Pepo." In short, she's a genius. I love the last shot of her in this post. She clearly was over my silly antics and looks as though she's longing for conversation a bit more ... stimulating. And she literally just turned two. Emerson is as lovely and sweet as they come. And such a snuggle bug! Honestly, I could have sat and snuggled with her all day. And at 9 weeks, way past the sleepy newborn posing time, Emerson took a quick cat nap ... long enough for me to get the baby bum shot Christian wanted. My grandmother's cousin, Betty (who shares the same birthday with my daughter), was in town. And it was just incredibly bittersweet to see them all together. Christian, I love your daughters. I love that you arranged this entire session. And I love you! Enjoy your sneaky, safe travels home, and Jerry Rice to Hardin!


  1. We were so happy to see you and thanks for your patience with our crazy crew. Love the sneak peek and your write up made me cry!

  2. Made me cry too! Wish I could have been there! Those babies are simply gorgeous!