Thursday, July 8, 2010

hayley & co.

Hayley, Hayley, Hayley. It's so hard not to love Hayley. Barbie Doll looks aside, she's such a genuinely nice person. She never has a negative thing to say about anyone. And believe me, I've tried. Over frou-frou drinks on a GNO, I've tried. But as beautiful as she is on the outside, she's more so on the inside. And living inside her now, is a little boy whom I can't wait to meet in a few months. Nor can my camera. Hayley and Geegee (H's mom and soon-to-be-Sawyer's grandmother) came over the other day for a maternity session. I've know Hayley for a few years now. And over those years, she's become a very good one. Aside from being as sweet as they come, she laughs at all of my jokes. I mean, really, really laughs. In fact, after our session the other day, when she (and Sawyer) were belly laughing after everything I said, I was seriously thinking about trying out for next year's Last Comic Standing ... she's the best audience. And one of the sweetest subjects. It was next to impossible for her to not smile during the entire shoot ... I'm not kidding. She just exuded happiness from within, and it's pretty impossible not to feel it when you're with her. And I, like so many others, am so happy for her and Adam and the little boy they will soon welcome. She's a fantastic friend, so amazing with children, and I have no doubt whatsoever, she'll be an incredible Mommy. And something tells me, even through 3 o'clock feedings and round-the-clock diaper changes, she'll be smiling the entire time. Hayley and Geegee, thanks for coming out to see me! It was so much fun, such an honor, and enjoy your sneaky to the peeky!

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