Monday, July 19, 2010

brandy & co.

Happy birthday, Jack! And as you very well know, dear reader, when my newbies celebrate their 1st birthday, it's just so bittersweet to me. Little Jack was one of the sweetest newborns, and watching him grow up this past year has been such an honor. And, like all sessions before this one, Grammy and Papa Jeff (from Houston) were able to attend the photo session (and Grammy actually made Jack's gingham birthday romper; how amazing is she!?!?). When you work with a family a few times a year, it's almost like they become your family. I'm literally seconds away from adopting Grammy and Papa J as my own, and Brandy and Randy could not be more laid back. Especially when their photographer tells them that their confirmed 10 o'clock appointment is at 9 o'clock. Even though she already has a 9 o'clock scheduled. Oy. Or when one of the ballooons in the balloon bouquet pops. And then the othe four decide to fly away. Or when their adorable son decides that his fists aren't quite doing the job of smashing the cake, so he lays his entire leg in it ... Guys, it has been a remarkable year. I have thoroughly enjoyed every second of working with you. Thank you for giving me the honor of capturing Jack throughout his first year. Enjoy your sneaky!

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  1. Oh so cute!! I cannot wait to see the rest of the pics. Thanks again - you're the best!!