Monday, July 19, 2010

michelle & co.

Kellan and Campbell met me Sunday morning for some Sibling Shots. I first worked with Kellan when "Pister" (how he pronounces "sister") was in Mama's belly. And then again when Pister made her debut. What fun it is now that Miss Campbell is old enough to join in the action! Michelle brought along an adorable box that she found the two playing in the other day. And when it was time to sit in the box, both kids giggled and smiled so sweetly at each other, and then spontaneous snuggling was rampant. Too cute. In addition to the box, Michelle brought along a rocking horse that Kellan's great-grandmother painted for him. The blue-eyed boy has grown very fond of the horse, and he had tons-o-fun rocking on it for the camera! With the promise of a new car (Mater, for those keeping track at home), Kellan was Mr. Cooperative during the session. And little Pister rallied at the end to take some very, very sweet shots for me. Love these two. Love their eyes. And love that they are so in love with each other. Thanks for a great shoot, guys! Enjoy your sneaky, and I hope Kellan got that car!

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