Monday, February 22, 2010

kristin & co.

Saturday night I crawled in to bed at 7:30. I was asleep by 9. And I slept until 8 the next morning. I think it was Mother Nature's way of preparing me for my session on Sunday morning: a play date shoot with three little babies; Cole (10 months), Madison (8 months) and Lilly (6.5 months). Joining the adorable babies were their haute mamas and equally haute grandmamas. The session was originally planned for outdoors, but once again, Mother Nature intervened. By now, if Lilly or Madison don't make my blog every other month, my blog stalkers email me to make sure they're ok. Their mamas, Kristin and Meredith, are self-professed haute shot addicts. And I love it. For quite awhile now, I've heard lots and lots about their other friend Maggie (Cole's mama who now lives in Houston). Maggie and Kristin have known each other since the 7th grade. The 7th grade. And they met Meredith in the 11th grade. M and K convinced Maggie to come in from Htown to do this play date session. And I'm so glad they did. At first it was absolute greatness. The children posed so beautifully in a three generations shot . . . and then it was pure bedlam. I kid, I kid. It was more of a controlled chaos, if you will. But so very entertaining. Madison loved posing on her own. Or with her boyfriend. But once her BFF entered the picture, Miss Madison threw an outright fit. Cole was so excited to be posing with the two lovelies. So excited that when he went to give Miss Lilly a hug, he accidentally sliced her cheek! As absolutely crazy as the session was, it was so much fun. As it always is with M&K. Maggie, it was great to finally meet you and Mr. Cole! To all the grandmas, you have done a wonderful job raising your lovely daughters! Kristin, thanks for organizing . . . and I'll see you next month for Madison's 9 month session (told you she's a haute shot junkie). Enjoy your sneaky, ladies!

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