Tuesday, February 9, 2010

carrie & co.

One of my favorite little red heads came to see me last weekend for her 6 month photos. Well, technically, her 5 and 3/4 month photos. And at 5 and 3/4, Miss Emily can sit up on her own. And, truth be told, prefers standing. No kidding; she's just so advanced. 6 month sessions are so exciting for me, because in 6 months babies change so dramatically. In Emily's case, however, she was exactly the same: creamy white skin, the reddest hair imaginable, and the most beautiful baby blues to compliment the whole package. Carrie and Brad were just as patient and fun as they were 6 months ago, and it seems like someone is definitely a Daddy's Girl. Or is at a Daughter's Daddy? Not sure which one, but Emily sure loved to smile at her daddy. The shot of her gazing up at him while "dancing on his toes" will surely make it into a Rehearsal Dinner slide show years and years from now. But lest I get too ahead of myself, dear reader, for now I'm more than happy to simply soak in the sweetness that is this little family of three. Emily, thanks for bringing your little red-head out to see me. As always, it's such an honor. And I can. Not. Wait. for the 1 year session. Enjoy your sneaky!

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  1. Cutest. Baby. Ever! Looks like the pictures turned out so great! - Maggie