Tuesday, February 9, 2010

dylan & co.

His doppelanger on Facebook is Brad Pitt. And after shooting Dylan for almost two hours this past Saturday, with his blond hair and blue yes, I kind of saw it. Like his father and brother before him, Dylan is a man of few words. But because his sister happens to be April, I knew how to get the handsome senior to open up. Or at least flash those pearly whites a few times. Dylan is a senior, a member of both the National Honor Society and FFA, and a fighting Matador on the football team at Seguin High School. He was just accepted in to A&M, where he plans on studying something about wildlife and game in the hopes of becoming a vet. And if his interaction with his loyal and beloved dog, Annie, is any indication, he will be a fine, fine doctor for the four legged variety. We did the shooting out in my favorite parts of Wide Awake Wylie, and the rustic setting proved to be the perfect backdrop for Dylan, his boots, his hat (that is supposed to be crooked on one side, thank you very much), and Annie. April came along to play my assistant, and we had so much fun. The highlight, of course, was parking across the road from this amazing (but very much abandoned) old, wooden railroad track. We had to run across a very busy highway to get to it, and then walk through about 50 feet of the muddiest mud imaginable. And all I could think about, aside from what I would do if I dropped my camera in to the rushing creek below, was that Dylan and April were such great sports. Cut from the same cloth, they were up for anything (danger be damned!) and so much fun. I have no doubt, wherever the other end of the bridge takes him, Dylan will be so very successful and continue to make his family so very proud. Thanks for letting me be a part of your moment, Dylan. Best of luck in the future, and enjoy your sneak.

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  1. your work is beautiful.
    Different than so many others :)