Monday, August 17, 2009

brandy & co.

I was supposed to meet baby Jack a few weeks from now. But he decided to enter the world a little earlier than planned. Three weeks, to be exact. And talk about impeccable timing: his doting Grammy and Papa were in town visiting that weekend, and Grammy Pam told Brandy she wanted to see the hospital, just in case she had to drive in by herself when Brandy had the baby. I suppose the thought of Grammy driving in alone was what did it; he decided to enter the world the very next day. That Jack . . . already a gentelman! So yesterday I was fortunate enough to meet Jack, his Reese-Witherspoon-look-alike mama, daddy Randy, Grammy and Papa. They brought with them a bag of goodies, most notably a quilt hand-made by Jack's great-Grammy. Who, at 72, is looking forward to cheering on her first great-grandson in future teeball games. Melt. My. Heart. Sweet really does not begin to describe this family. And smitten really doesn't begin to describe the grandparents. In sweltering studio temps, Papa dutifully played Paci Patrol and held up blankets while Nana would run back and forth between the studio and the restroom to rinse off fallen pacis . . . and Brandy knew how to soother her bouncing baby boy in an instant. During one of the mommy/daddy shots, Jack locked eyes with mama and literally held his head up for 10 seconds just to look at her. And, if she wasn't so sweet, I think I might hate Brandy. For, 4 weeks post-partum, she's lost all of her baby weight. And 10 extra pounds. Uh-huh. I know. I made that same face when she told me. Jeff and Pam, it was beyond wonderful meeting you yesterday. You have no idea. I hope your trip home to Houston was a good one! Randy and Brandy, congratulations on the arrival of your sweet baby boy. It was such an honor working with you, and I hope you enjoy your sneak. Thanks again!

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