Monday, August 10, 2009

kristen & co.

My final session of the weekend could not have ended on a sweeter note. The lovely Kristen and so-good-with-children-I-want-to-hire-him-on-as-my-nanny-Robbie brought 5 week old baby Kaelyn out to see me. They also brought with them a bag of goodies. Both Kristen and Robbie are Aggies, and Robbie is a huge fan of the University of Alabama. But more specifically, the University's legendary head football coach, Paul "Bear" Bryant. One of the poses they really wanted was to somehow incorporate their Aggie rings. Robbie also wanted one with Bear's fedora, his football . . . I think they will like the final result (and the black and white pic is a special treat for Robbie, as I heard him whisper to Kristen how much he'd love to have the shot like that). The Grandmas wanted eyes-wide-open shots, Robbie's mom wanted a pose based on the Willow Tree figurine she sent with them (I hope she likes my artsy take on it) . . . needless to say, we had a checklist before we started shooting. And I think we managed to cross off every single item! While Kristen and I molded and posed baby Kaelyn, Robbie would entertain my kiddos with Willy Wonka discussions and other age appropriate conversations. Seriously, Robbie, give up the attorney gig and go into Early Childhood Development with your wife! Guys, thank you so much for your patience. You are both too sweet and already fantastic parents 5 weeks into this. I had so much fun with you, and Kaelyn is a dream. Congrats, and enjoy your sneak!

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  1. Oh these are so wonderful it makes me A. want to have another baby so that I can have these shots taken and B. want to come over with carter right now and C. I CAN"T WAIT UNTIL OCTOBER 25