Friday, August 14, 2009

celia & co.

Funny story about this family. Last fall, when I took family pictures for a local pre-school, I knew I knew the Dad from somewhere. Between shots, I kept staring at him (like you do when you know someone but just can't place the name or the face). I am sure I was creeping him out, not to mention annoying his lovely wife, but it was driving me crazy! Finally, I asked him if he went to my college. He said no, and that was that. I just chalked it up to me being crazy. Until Facebook validated my hunch. While stalking, I mean searching for, old high school classmates, I was thumbing through a friend of a friend's page. And she had a friend who was using a picture I had taken of a a family. I looked closer, and it was this family's, and the picture was from the aforementioned photo session! It turns out he was in my high school class! I KNEW I knew him. And then he told me his wife went to Ursuline, and small, small world, she KNEW my cousin! How crazy is that? Anyway, to make a very long story short, last fall I met Celia and her family when I did the family pics. She came out with the girls on Friday for a session at the studio. She brought a ton of wonderful dress up clothes (her sister used to work in a bridal store and would get all these gorgeous flower girls dresses for next to nothing!), and the girls were too precious. We did some outside shots by the creek, a tea party for two and then some studio shots. I loved how, even dressed in the finest couture, these sisters were not afraid to show their inner-tomboy. During the creek shots, Molly jumped on a swinging rope and went sailing through the air in her dress. Indoors, Mary found a cricket oh so interesting and tried to catch it (and I must give credit to Mama, she literally caught it in her bare hands and placed it on the chair for Mary to further investigate; the apples don't fall far from the tree!). I had so much fun with these girls, and just as much fun with Celia. Thanks for coming out to see me, and enjoy your sneaky, girls!

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