Sunday, August 30, 2009

rebekah & co.

I first met Rebekah and her boys, Chip and Hutch, last October for our first photo session. Little Hutch was about 6 months then, and just as serious as ever. We got together again for his one year portraits this past February, and we met again yesterday for his 18 month pictures. "I don't know why I want 18 month pictures," she said while booking the session. "I just always remember my Mom having them of us." Hutch was wearing the most adorable little outfit and two adorably skinned knees. And just as he was almost a year ago, Hutch was as serious as he could be. Not at all impressed with my arsenal of vintage toys. And why should he be, when Mom and Dad are so much more fun? Even though she's due in January, Rebekah let Hutch "toddler tackle" her over and over. And Chip climbed trees, lifted Hutch in the air and even put on a silly hat, all for his boy. But don't be fooled by this serious tot: he's got a silly side to him, too, and he definitley let the camera see it. And he's also got a penchant for All Things Clean. Seriously, I see the words "neat" and "freak" in his future. Before our first session last fall, Rebekah and Chip had already given my name out to all of their friends. "Call it blind loyalty," she said over her shoulder as we parted ways. And I'm equally devoted to this family of 3.5. As always, it was so great seeing them (and meeting Aunt Melissa and Uncle Drew, all the way in from Austin!). Rebekah and Chip, thanks for letting me play with Mr. H yesterday. Congrats on the upcoming arrival, and enjoy your sneaky!

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