Sunday, August 9, 2009

laura & co.

Laura and I played phone tag for a week. She wanted pictures taken of Patrick who just turned 2, as well as pics of big sis (who turned 4 last month). In her messages, she kept saying she was pretty flexible. Pretty flexible. When my air conditioner went out a few weeks ago, my world stopped. I became an enraged woman with no patience, empathy or care. The last thing I wanted to do was get my kids ready for a last minute photo shoot (in fact, I actually cancelled one with my kiddies, I kid you not). So . . . I guess I'm not pretty flexible. But Laura and Pablo obviously are. Their air went out the day before the shoot, with no hope of being fixed for 3 days. And yet they showed up to the shoot, a few minutes early no less, cool as cucumbers. And oh my goodness, were their children such sweeties! Loved the outfits Laura chose for them, and the kids wore them so well! The shoot could not have been easier, nor the kiddies cuter. They posed together for some sweet sibling shots at the beginning, then we did some Birthday Boy pics while big (and very proud) sis looked on, and then when Patrick needed a break, Miss Model willingly posed for me. Easy-peasy. And just look at that last shot of the two of them. Melt. My. Heart. Laura, I'm so glad it worked out and we were able to meet. I'm sorry your air went out and hope it's fixed by now. And I hope you enjoy your sneaky. Thanks again!

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