Sunday, August 9, 2009

ashley & co.

Last Thursday Ashley and Rob brought their little 6 month cherub out to see me. This was my third time to work with the trio, and like always, it was so much fun. You don't get much more laid back than the two of them, and I am pleased to report that Miss Kendall rocks the same happy-go-lucky attitude. In a little over an hour we put her through so many wardrobe and set changes, and she just continued to pose away . . . even when it was well past her nap time. I think my favorite moment was when she sat on the faux bear skin rug for the first time. Her expression was priceless, pure delight and joy. And then she gave us a look like, "Um, guys, WHY have we not been using this the whole time!" Rob was such a help, even though he complained of being so tired (I do work my clients, I know), and I especially appreciated him playing some great tunes on his iphone during our studio portion of the session. Ashley, I am so glad the rain stayed away. It was so much fun seeing you guys, and thanks for coming out to see me. I'm looking forward to seeing you and the girls in October for the Haute Mamas Playgroup session! Thanks again guys, and enjoy your sneaky!

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