Monday, August 17, 2009

megan & co.

The bride wore a simple, strapless ivory gown; in her loosely twisted hair, an exquisite diamond brooch encircled by ivory feathers. Her blushed satin peep-toe pumps peeked out from beneath her hem. A vision of elegance and simplicity. Megan and Eric's wedding was an event I had been looking forward to for months. Held at the beautiful Lantana Golf Club, the evening could not have been lovelier. Or the couple more relaxed. I had the pleasure of dining with them a few weeks ago to go over their vision for the wedding and other housekeeping items. In addition to bringing along a "wedding-to-do-book", Megan also brought along coloring books and crayons. These items were for Eric's 4 year old son, Rob. And aside from watching the obvious chemistry Megan and Eric shared, it was so sweet to see the obvious mutual affection Megan and little Rob share. The wedding was intimate, elegant and so much fun. As Rob and his cousins breakdanced on the floor, Megan and Eric mingled with all their guests (and Megan tore up the dance floor several times, as well). The newlyweds exited the festivities a little after 10:30, amidst a sea of bubbles and well-wishes. I know that Eric and Megan have nothing but Happily Ever After in their future, complete with high-maintenance margaritas, good ol' country love songs and a couple of "whoop whoops" to boot. Congrats, guys. It was an honor (and a very fun one at that!). Special thanks to Missy, for coming all the way in from A-town to play my assistant!


  1. OOOOO those pics are amazing!!!! Great job yet again!!!

  2. oooh!! yay!! can't wait to see the rest!!!! thank you sooo much!!!