Monday, August 24, 2009

ryan & co.

Before I even met him, little Ryan had touched my life. His Aunt Melissa called to book a session for him, which was to include his mommy and daddy and both sets of grandparents. Ryan was two, she informed me, and has been bravely battling cancer for most of his life. At two. Diagnosed in March of 2008 (a few months after his first birthday), Ryan endured 52 weeks of chemo and was given a clean bill of health this past April. But this past June something new showed up on an MRI, so now it's back to doctors and chemo and so many horrible things that no one should have to go through, let alone a beautiful baby boy. Who loves the color purple, Barney the dinosaur (go figure), milk, books, being sung to by mommy, lollis, Froggie, and his beloved family. For two hours we chased this sweet boy around the Arboretum, picking nuts, chasing squirrels, splashing in water . . . and just absorbing the wonder that is Ryan. I could go on and on about this session. This family. This boy. But instead, I'll let the moments from the morning speak for themselves. Rather than a sneak peek, I'm posting a sneak video. My son's own Aunt Melissa used to sing this song to him at night. After meeting Ryan, it takes on a whole new meaning to me. To see the video, click here. There is a slight delay in the pics appearing at the beginning, so give it a few seconds (and be sure to have your speakers on to hear the song). And be sure to go home today and hug the dickens out of your babies. Melissa, thank you so much for allowing me the privilege of working with your nephew and his entourage. Joanne and Andy, you have done an amazing job raising this brave little boy, and I could have spent all day with you. Such an honor. Such a lesson. Such an amazing little boy. Kisses to him . . . and to Froggie.

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