Monday, August 24, 2009

mackenzie & co.

She called to schedule her daughter's newborn pics a few days after Leighton was born. At times she spoke with an understated southern drawl and sounded way too relaxed for having had a baby a few days prior. We set up the appointment, and I asked her where she was coming from. Houston, she replied. I paused; did she realize I was in Dallas? Driving 4 hours, with a newborn, just for pictures with me seemed a bit . . . extreme. After having met Mackenzie this past Saturday, however, it makes perfect sense. Friday she and her husband, Aaron, loaded up the car and made the drive to Dallas in 3.5 hours (I still think they have some sort of special turbo boosters on the car that Aaron the Engineer designed), checked into a hotel and then came out to see me Saturday morning. Only to get back in the car after the shoot to head home. To Houston. With a newborn. Extreme. And that relaxed vibe I got on the initial phone call with her? Totally Mackenzie. So, I guess when you are extremely laid back, you can do extreme things. Like marry your high school sweetheart in a destination wedding on the snowtop mountains of Colorado. Or look amazing for a photo session even though you only got 2 hours of sleep the night before. Mackenzie and Matt are brother and sister (with 11 years between them), and Matt's mama, Matt, and Miss Hattie all sport gorgeous red hair. And Mackenzie is convinced that Leighton does not. I, however, beg to differ. But, to be fair, I'm willing to call it strawberry blonde; but she's definitely not a brunette. I can't post without thanking Aaron for so graciously laying on the wooden floors, under a pile of blankets, for about 20 minutes in the studio . . . just so that his little princess could "sit up" for some of the shots. And I have to thank all three of them for making such a fast roadtrip up to see me. Such an honor, truly. And so much fun. Leighton's mommy and daddy have this uberhip aura about them and I could totally picture hanging with them at some uberhip concert, just relaxing. Except that I'm probably 20 years their senior, and they might be totally creeped out. Instead, I'll gladly hang with them in the studio, taking pictures of their precious little strawberry-blonde-head. Guys, hope the drive was a great one! Thanks so much for coming up to see me, and enjoy your sneaky!


  1. Little Sugars!! We love the pictures! Love the amazing red hair!

  2. That's my beautiful niece!.. and brother.. and sister-in-law!