Sunday, November 9, 2008

jill & co.

Remember those girls in high school? The really pretty ones, with the perfect hair, the perfect make-up, the cutest clothes, etc., etc. Well, last night I got to hang out with a group of women who most likely were those girls in high school. And, oh the fun we had. Back in July, Jill (mom to beautiful Dutch from October's post) contacted me about doing a session with her posse of fab-glam friends. They threw in 9.5 kids in the mix . . . and oh the fun we had! Seriously, these gals were so much fun! And the little ones running about were beyond adorable. Ladies, thank you so much for letting me come hang out with you . . . does this make me an honorary FHG? I have a black shirt and jeans . . . It was beyond impossible to narrow down a few pics to put on the blog, but I hope you enjoy your sneak peek. Special thanks to the dads who tagged along to help control the fun!

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