Saturday, October 4, 2008

jill & co.

When Jill emailed me a few months ago to schedule her son's session, I was immediately taken with her wit and sense of humor. She's the type of person who you want to email all day, as you know you'll be laughing out loud each time you got a reply from her. Aside from her wonderful ability to banter, I was equally taken with her son's name: Dutch. A very unique name, and without even laying eyes on the boy, I just had a feeling he'd be beyond adorable and incredibly entertaining to photograph. I was right. And then some. Little Dutch was channeling a John John vibe that he totally made his own, was about as precious as you can get in his gingham romper and saddle shoes (he was a walking Pottery Barn baby ad!) and willingly let me photograph his every move without any struggle. Dutch is going to be a pumpkin for Halloween this year, but the sweetness of this beautiful boy makes me think he should be a sugar cube! As Jill and I listed the pros of paci/mama use, Dutch explored, collected sticks, and tried to smell all the flowers with his mouth! Such a cutie, and I had so much fun with him and his mama. Thanks, Jill, for letting me play with your precious pumpkin this morning, and enjoy your sneak peek!

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