Monday, October 20, 2008

kenna & co.

A few months ago, Kenna contacted me about taking some photos of her daughters and her parents. Her parents would be in from out of town (and celebrating some major birthdays during their visit). I wrote back and, on a creative whim, suggested that in addition to traditional portraits, we stage a tea/birthday party, as well. I only had one spot left in October, and it was the 19th. Kenna wrote back to say that the tea party idea was wonderful because her parents were actually in town from ENGLAND, and that they play tea parties with the girls all the time. Oh, and 10/19 would be perfect, as it would be her mother's actual birthday. It just doesn't get any better than that. So we met last night for a very special tea party, with two special little girls and their equally special parents and grandparents. Miss Avery was the perfect little princess as she sat and sipped, and Miss Sloane was able to taste/sneak her first lick of frosting, 3 months shy of her 1st birthday. Ooops! Kenna and Barry could not have been sweeter (or more helpful as they helped me move chairs, stools and table around the field), and it was such an honor to meet Kenna's parents. The gentlest of souls and quite the world travelers. While Australia remains their favorite spot to date, I hope that a little jaunt to Wylie on Nanny's birthday will hold a special place in their hearts, too. Thank you Kenna, for the wonderful evening, and happy birthday to your lovely parents! Quite right. And cheerio for now!

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