Monday, October 6, 2008

shannan & co.

After every shoot, I go home to a little boy who greets me with, "What did they want you to do, Mom?" This is his way of asking were there any funny stories, did the kids want me to stay and play, etc? Last night I put my son to bed with stories about Charlie, Pierce and Trey. Three brothers who are about as All American as you can get. Brotherly love, weed picking, races, football and silly faces. My son was in stitches over all the tales. I should point out that I met Shannan and her family last spring, when I was asked to photograph a little league tournament. Shannan and Jeff liked the pics I took of their All-Star, Charlie (who happened to win the Game Ball that day for pitching a mighty game), and asked me to take their family portraits in the fall. Six months later, I got to hang out with an amazing family. It was so funny to see the big personalities in these little men: Charlie is the protective big brother/perfectionist, who actually asked me if he was posing correctly. Pierce, with his piercing blue eyes, was Mr. Model and had a smile on his face from the moment he greeted me until the very end of our hour long session. And little Trey: such a vocabulary for a pre-schooler! I honestly thought I was conversing with a first grader. And how can I leave out his inviting me to dinner with the family after picture taking? Such sweet, sweet boys, and a wonderful testament to the love and parenting they receive from Shannan and Jeff; who are managing to raise these boys as serious sportsmen with a sensitive side. It doesn't get any better than that. Thank you, Shannan, for allowing me to capture so many sweet moments, and I hope everyone enjoyed Island Burger!

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