Tuesday, October 28, 2008

heather & co.

I first met Heather and her family last spring, when her mother hired me to photograph her older sister's wedding reception. During that same week, I also had the pleasure of working with Heather's two little wee ones, George Downey and Cecilia (a.k.a. CeeCee). Such cherubs. Truly. And don't get me started on their eyes! Heather is originally from Texas, but now resides in Georgia, so it is nothing short of an honor that she has used me twice, now, to document her gorgeous children's smiles and growth. I couldn't believe that Baby Girl (who is 7 months) was now sitting up, on her own, and just about to crawl! Dear Gigi (whom Ceecee is named after) came out again to help, and we managed to capture some very sweet moments between grandma and granddaughter; it was painfully obvious that the two are kindreds. Thanks, Heather, for coming out to see me today. I am counting down the days until our first year portraits/shoot in March. Safe travels!

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