Thursday, December 18, 2008

ashley & co.

Ashley contacted me a few months ago for a maternity session, but I was booked the days she wasn't. We sent a few emails back and forth, and nothing ever lined up. And then I never heard from her again. Which just about killed me. I figured she wrote me off, so I was beyond pleasantly surprised when she contacted me again this week. With only 4 weeks to spare (baby Kendall is scheduled to arrive on 1/12th!), Rob and Ashley came over for a very entertaining maternity session. I'd like to share, however, the story of how I met Ashley and Rob is not nearly as endearing as how Ashley met Rob. As Rob tells it, she was the nerdy 7th grade brainiac, and he was the beyond cool 8th grade football player. She sent her BFF Sylvia (who, to this day is still a BFF) to see if he liked her. En Rico Suave told Sylvia he thought she looked cool . . . and they've been together ever since (with one heartbreaking, but brief, break-up in 10th grade). During one of Ashley's wardrobe changes, I asked Rob if they ever got sick each other. Without even hesitating, he answered, "Of course not. I married my best friend." Sooooo sweet, and such a fun couple. Truly. We were laughing the entire time, and I am so thrilled for this wonderful couple. Little Kendall is going to be welcomed into the world by two of the most loyal people ever, and I know she will love her green nursery, sans toile. Rob and Ashley, thank you so much for coming over today, I hope you weren't too late for your dr's appointment, and enjoy your last Christmas as a twosome! Happy holidays, and enjoy your sneak peek! Oh, and if any of you are in the market for a new car, go down and see Rob at Toyota of McKinney. You can't miss him. He's about 7 feet tall. Tell him the crazy lady with the camera sent you.

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