Monday, December 15, 2008

jennie & co.

Have you ever driven through Nacogdoches, Texas, dear reader, thinking to yourself all the while, "Wow, I wondered who founded this great little town?" Well, wonder no more. For yesterday I took pictures of a man whose great-great-great-great-great-great grandfather founded it. And he's married, I must point out, to a 7th generation Texan. So, yesterday was a Lone Star session, to say the least. And the shining star, of course, happened to be the delightful Miss Grace. Jennie and Jason contacted me for a family holiday session/one year portrait, and it could not have gone better. This family was so much fun, so very easy, and Grace literally followed my lens wherever I went. Apparently she has had her picture taken since birth, and it certainly showed. Such a cutie and so very generous with the smiles. Of course, when you throw in a delectable cupcake from Sprinkles (yes, they are as delicious as rumored), it makes for a very sweet session. Jennie, thank you so much for putting this session together! I hope the wind wasn't too much for you guys, and I hope the cupcake wasn't too much sugar for your little princess! Don't Mess with Texas (or the squirrels), and enjoy your sneak!

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