Monday, December 8, 2008

tiffany & co.

Um, have you been eagerly anticipating that title like I have; you knew it eventually had to happen. Anyway, I met Tiffany and her blue-eyed boys for a family photo session yesterday. Not only was Tiffany my first Tiffany & Co., her boys were my first set of twins! Just a month shy of their first birthdays, Lincoln and Christian upped the Cute Quotient to a whole new level. Their eyes were ridiculously blue, and their dapper little matching pea coats and outfits were beyond adorable. Tiffany brought along two little monkey hats, as well as her father's antique rocking chair that he used when he was just a tot (though, truth be told, the boys were much happier exploring the grounds and consuming the leaves than posing in Grandpa's chair). At the very end of our session, when poor little Christian had had enough of the cold, enough of the hat, enough of it all, he started crying. Lincoln, who up to that point hadn't fussed once, let out somewhat of a cry . . . which made Christian immediately stop crying, which made Lincoln stop crying, and they both turned to look at each other in silence . . . just staring at each other in their little hats. Who knows what they were thinking, but it was definitely a Twin Moment, and one of the highlights of the session. Tiffany and Fahmi, I had so much fun meeting you guys. You are a beautiful family, and enjoy your sneak peek!

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