Monday, December 22, 2008

lisa & co.

Three of my shoots this weekend were rescheduled for 2009 due to two clients suffering from a horrible stomach bug, and one client not wanting to wear her bridal gown in balmy 15 degree weather. Which turned out to be a good thing. Because when Lisa, Sam, Zach, Emily, Bob, Auggie, Shannon, Steve, Ann, Krystal, April, Sheryl, Mark, Ryan, Patrick, Butch and Donna all rolled up yesterday, I panicked. Just a bit. 17 people. 17. But you know what, it was for nothing. The shoot went really, really well. You may remember Lisa and Co. from a couple month's ago. Her son is a tee-ball powerhouse on cleats, and her daughter is obsessed with all things Spiderman. Well, for Christmas, Lisa and Sam presented her family with a photo shoot with me. Timing was an issue, because Christmas is literally days away, and some of the family lives out of town (ain't no party like an H-town party!). So many class clowns in the bunch, led with lots of laughs by Grandpa Bob, and so many incredibly beautiful smiles! Seriously, the grandkids in that family, every single one, are so good looking! Even McTexty and his white ankle socks. I don't think the shoot would have gone as well if everyone didn't have great senses of humor and were so very nice. Kudos to each of them for their great work and their great patience! And special thanks to my girls, Krystal, Shannon and April, for their wonderful help in arranging the gang. You guys were awesome! Enjoy your sneak, happy holidays, and safe travels to Donna & Co!

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