Monday, December 1, 2008

shanie & co.

Shanie was one of my very first clients. She had orchestrated a family photo shoot, consisting of 6 adults and three very lovely little girls, at the home of her in-laws'. She also referred so many of you to me! Fast forward 6 months later, and Shanie orchestrated a much smaller shoot, sans the adults, of the three little girls in her own home. Miss Sydney hadn't changed much; as pretty as ever and still a fan of the camera. Seriously, this child kept asking me if she could pose again! Cousin Caroline had grown so much since I last saw her, but still had that pretty blonde hair and blue eyes . . . and she celebrated her second birthday yesterday! And baby sister Shea was no longer a baby. Barely sitting up by herself, she was now standing up all on her own! Sandy, Caroline's mama, was in from NY, and the ladies wanted to get some cousin shots together. Which was not very easy. But we did manage to get some sweet shots of all the girls . . . even if they weren't together. Shanie's husband, by the by, is using a family photo I took of them from our first session as an ad for his business. You can see the picture of them on Tom Thumb shopping carts all over North Dallas! Ladies, as always, you were so much fun. Special thanks to Gigi for all the help, and kisses to the sweet girls! Enjoy your sneak peek!

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