Monday, December 1, 2008

b & co.

A few months ago, B & K met me for a wonderfully successful maternity session. Being the private folks that they are, they requested that I not use their images on my blog or my website. And I obliged . . . even though it killed me. So today, as we were taking pictures of the sweet Miss M, I just couldn't stand it, dear reader. Oh the sweetness of baby M! She smiled, she slept, she made eye contact, she melted my heart. And I knew you would want to see the deliciousness of this little princess. So, with respect and dignity, I begged and pleaded on my hands and knees for her proud parents to allow me the honor of sharing her with you. And, thankfully, they obliged . . . even though I am sure it killed them. And would you believe that Santa made a special visit just to see this angel baby? After her perfect behavior during today's shoot, it's safe to assume she's on Santa's Good List. Congrats, guys! She is beautiful, and it was an honor. Special thanks to Grandpa Santa for all the help and the wonderful pictures!

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