Sunday, December 21, 2008

ashley & co.

About three months ago, Ashley and Ian recently added a new baby girl, Jadynn, to their family of three. So they, and big sister Brooklynn ( who has the whole posing thing down to a science), wanted to capture a few moments of their family at this special time. Ashley invited along her in-laws (such a good DIL), Larry and Phyllis, to join them. Not only did they lend four extra hands, they got to take a few pictures with their granddaugthers. Now, I must share with you, that I have known Larry for over 10 years. Larry was the financial guru/CFO at the company where I landed my first job. From Wisconsin, he and I bonded over Brett Favre and the Packers very early on. He eventually became my boss as well as a dear friend. Larry and Phyllis are high school sweethearts, and just about the nicest people you'll ever meet (and still so in love). When I once commented on how much I liked Phyllis' perfume, she sent me a bottle. Whenever Larry would make his annual pilgrimage to Lambeau (to tailgate with the boys), he'd bring me back a souvenir. And when my husband and I were itching to move back from Chicago to Dallas, 5 years ago, Larry pretty much spearheaded the campaign to get us back. Just a good family, and it was such a pleasure (and honor) to work with them. Although, I'm not gonna lie, I was a tad intimidated, as this guy did once sign my paycheck . . . Two final thoughts: Larry, being the finance guy he is, used to chastise me when I'd show up to work with my "frou frou" coffee. He once calculated how much money I'd save if I gave up the frou frou stuff and poured from the pot. So, on my way to the shoot, I stopped off at my local froufrou shop, and I did have a moment of guilt. Secondly, at the end of our session, as we were saying our goodbyes, the old Cheesehead brought out a bag of Packers pens for me, and just about the softest, warmest Lambeau hoodie in a beautiful, buttery yellow. Such a treat for me, especially as the arctic front had literally hit us mid-shoot (poor Jadynn let us know she was not a fan of the frozen tundra!), and it kept me warm on the way home. As did the cup of hot chocolate from my favorite froufrou shop that I stopped off to get on my way home. Thanks, guys, for coming out to see me. You are a wonderful family, great friends, and it was such a pleasure. Enjoy, and happy holidays!

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