Sunday, December 21, 2008

jackie & co.

Jackie and Monica contacted me about two weeks ago for a covert family photo session. The idea was to surprise Jackie's mom with some pictures of her brood for Christmas. Jackie's mom is also Thomas' mom, and Thomas is married to Monica. And they have the sassiest little girl. Jackie is married to Neil, and they 3 of the sweetest and cutest boys you'll ever meet. Jackie and Thomas' mom is also mom to Tori, and she is just about the most mature 14 year old you'll ever meet. So, on Friday afternoon, I met up with Jackie, Neil, Jakob, Andrew, Nicholas, Monica, Thomas, McKinley and Tori, and in one hour we managed to capture some great shots. The children behaved wonderfully, the adults were so much fun, and tweener, Tori, was such a sport. This family not only plays together, they work together, and you could just sense the closeness they shared immediately. Thank you, guys, for meeting me 1/2 way. I hope Grandma treasures the shots, and enjoy your sneak peek! Oh, and I hope you got all the leaves out of your hair and clothes without too much trouble.

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