Monday, December 15, 2008

gen & co.

Note to self: never plan 3 shoots in the Higland Park on the morning of the annual White Rock Marathon. 17,000 runners (god bless 'em!) and streets blocked throughout the area made it almost impossible to get to my shoots. But somehow we managed (albeit 15 minutes late), and I thank everyone for their flexibility! Gen and Avery were my first session, and they brought along the lovley Lilian. And lovely really doesn't even begin to describe this 9 month old. Gen and Avery had such great personalities and were open to all of my suggestions. Avery and Gen work full time, Avery models on the side, both attend SMU law school, and they are busy raising a beautiful 9 month old baby. Objection, your honor: can someone say over achievers! But they really are the sweetest couple, and their great senses of humor is must be what gets them through the chaos! Thank you so much for coming out to meet me, for indulging me with the hat and buggy shots, and for being such great sports about the marathon debacle. It was a pleasure working with you guys, and I hope you enjoy your first Christmas as a family of three!

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