Saturday, December 6, 2008

julia & co.

This afternoon I found myself at the beautiful home of Jeremy and Julia, for a newborn session with the sweet Miss Ryan. Born six weeks ago, Ryan was already a champ at holding her head up during tummy time, worked up quite an appetite the first 15 minutes of our session, and confused Dear Daddy's lap with her diaper! Jeremy and Julia were both such relaxed first-time parents, were so very patient, and have more than bonded with their little girl. I have never seen "Daddy's wrapped around her little finger" more evident than when Jeremy was snuggling with his little girl. Priceless. And when Ryan all but told us she was through with the posing, a quick rocking in mama's arms calmed her down instantly. While asleep, we were able to get some really sweet shots, and when she awoke from her mini-nap, she gave us some pretty sweet faces. All in all, a wonderful session, and such an honor (thanks to Jen and Jared for the introduction!). I have to mention that Julia and Jeremy's musical tastes mirror my own. Exactly. I kid you not, dear reader, almost every single song they played during the session were the very same songs I listen to at home! It was a bit freaky, to be perfectly honest; Julia, be sure to check out Leon Jackson's "Creative" on youtube; it's another one of those "fixing dinner w/a glass of wine" songs. Anyway, I so enjoyed our time this afternoon! She is tutu precious, and you both are too sweet. Enjoy your sneak peek, and congratulations!

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