Sunday, December 5, 2010

stacey & co.

Meet Jack and Kate: seven year old twins who attend the same school as my son. When we moved here last year in April (long after school had started and friends had been made)and my son was "the new kid", Jack and Kate welcomed him with open arms and those fantastic smiles. And even though they weren't in the same class (and still aren't), they still manage to meet up at lunch and recess for a fun game of Sharks and Minnows. They are two of the sweetest and funniest kids around, and getting the chance to take the picture was So. Much. Fun. And don't get me started on their mama. Just as friendly, just as sweet, and absolutely beautiful. Sure, she could have chosen anyone to take her family photos, but she chose me. Such an honor. And where was Stacey off to after supporting her neighbor's little biz? Off to support her other neighbor's child who was singing in a quartet ... And then off to support another neighbor's daughter who was dancing in a ballet. She's obviously the neighborhood's cheerleader! And while I was marveling at how well behaved Jack and Kate were during our session, Chad was telling me all about the fishing holes in and around our area (while keeping me laughing with some fabulous one liners; the one about him looking forward to the photo session all week is my All Time Fave).
Kudos to Miss Kate on choosing her faboosh dress (she won the Mom vs. Daughter Outfit debate), and special thanks to this Picture Perfect family for coming out to play with me!

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