Thursday, December 2, 2010

mary & co.

How do you blog about a friendship that is almost 20 years old? That was formed during college and has followed you through the ups and downs of dating, weddings, babies, loss, joys ... I met Mary my junior year of college. We both attended a small, private liberal arts school in Texas. We were both English majors. She looked like Helen Hunt (wow, I'm really aging us with that one) and had the same wit to boot. She lives in Arizona now, and the last 10 years, I've seen her twice. Once when she came out to meet my baby girl after she was born. And recently when she and her fam made a special stop in Dallas so that I could take their pictures. I have struggled for a week now with this post, because there is just so much to say. So I have decided to do something unprecedented in haute shot's blog post, dear reader. I will tell you about Mary, about our friendship, using one word or phrases. And I can promise you she will understand each and every one. And I hope the English major in her appreciates how one word could evoke an entire story.

Moby. Flipper. Brian. Old Mill. Boots. Cowboys. Roadtrip. Sedona. Camping in a hotel. Mary Finn. Pat, pat. Bluebonnets. Fist like a Knight. Chip. Song for the Life. Mark Chestnutt. Hannah Basket. Gland. Just a little ranch. Pat, pat. Robert Frost weather. Arizona clouds. Camelback Mountain. The Pistoleros. Dave Matthews. Kokopelli and a very tiny star. Dr. Curtsinger. Blind date. Orion. Fig newtons.

I could go on and on, but I'll spare you. Rather, I'll end on the Mary not that I once knew, but the Mary I know now. Who is a successful published author, a loving wife to one of the sweetest guys around (you should see his crazy dance moves) and unbelievable mother to 5 precious babies. Four of whom I got to meet at our shoot. I had met Hannah and Ethan once before, and they were as adorable as ever. SaraBeth and Edye are the two latest tow headed, blue eyed babies they've added to the mix. SB acted like we were besties from the get go. And she invited me over to the hotel for a movie night and slumber party when it was all said and done. The kids were amazing. And are homeschooled by Mary. Who also gardens their own veggies, writes columns and books, volunteers for the church, remembers your birthday and anniversary .... and really would make you feel so bad about yourself if she wasn't one of your biggest fans.

Mar, I can't thank you enough for coming out to see me. It was so much more of an honor than you can possibly imagine. Please give my love to the fam (ALL of them), enjoy your sneaky, and pat, pat ...

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  1. Wow.....Love the pictures and really hoping to get some of my very own to display in our home. Love my sweet nieces and nephew more than they can understand. Jen, great work....the photos are fabulous. Mary, you are beautiful in side and out....the kids are amazing....and well, that crazy husband of yours isn't bad either! Aunt Amy