Monday, December 20, 2010

meredith & co.

Remember that girl in high school? The really pretty, really smart, really popular girl? The one who was in Student Council and Honors Everything? That was Meredith. And remember that other girl in high school? The one that ... wanted to be Meredith? That was me. I'm not kidding. My old high school yearbooks drowned in a flood at my parents' home years ago, but I'm pretty sure she was Miss CHS. For a few years running. I know we had AP Economics together, and I'm pretty sure AP Brit Lit our senior year. Key Club, perhaps? But that was pretty much where our high school fraternization ended. Until, 5 x 4 years later (sounds so much better than saying 20) when we ran into each on Facebook. She saw my pics, we exchanged some emails, and today I got to hang with Meredith and her beyond amazing family. Now a preacher's wife, Meredith is mommy to the beautiful (and wise beyond her 7 years) Louisa and adorable identical twins, Josh and Simon (3 1/2 years old). These kids were entirely too much fun. And the perfect way to end an amazing year of amazing sessions. If I wasn't chasing the boys around the grounds of their father's church, Louisa and I were bonding over the Sound of Music. And all three of them kept me laughing. The entire time. Especially when they were chasing me around the grounds of their father's church. And in 20 years, Meredith had not changed a bit. Still so pretty, still so smart, and with over 1000 friends on Facebook, still so very popular. Throw in her dynamite maternal skills, and guess what? I still want to be Meredith. Truly, though, it was so much fun. Meredith, thanks so much for letting me play with your crazy cuties. Hope your first Christmas in your new home is a merry one, and enjoy your sneak to the peek!


  1. oh my goodness!!! you are too kind and too talented!!!!

  2. This is the most beautiful photo shoot I've ever seen! I love me some Bishop Backs!!! Miss them more than ever now. xoxo, Nelle

  3. These are the most beautiful pics of the most beautiful family!! Seeing these makes me miss them even more!! A little secret....I wish I were Meredith too!! Beautiful work!