Monday, March 1, 2010

your vote counts!

From time to time I'm inclined to highlight a person or biz I feel deserves recognition and patronage (stay tuned for a write-up on a fab wedding dress shop!). This time, I'm so very proud to do so for a man near and dear to my heart: my Dad. His radio station, out in West Texas, has been dually nominated for DJ and Station of the Year! If you have nothing but time to kill (and let's be honest, dear reader, if you're reading this blog, you obviously do), take a second to hop over to the site and vote. His categories are numbers 10 and 14; vote for JB Cloud for Best Disc Jockey and KBCY (Abilene) for Best Radio Station. It really only takes 7.7 seconds (I counted), and you don't have to leave your email address (but if you do, your vote counts twice!). Thanks so much, and may the best station win!

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