Monday, March 29, 2010

kristin & co.

She's back! Little Madison was ever the professional during her 9 month photo shoot. And with sessions by me and other photogs literally the last 8 months of her life, I was not the least surprised. The Chad arrived to the shoot sporting some haute glasses (and I couldn't resist snapping a few pics of him wearing them; Facebook!), and Kristin arrived with two huge bags of props. How she passed the Security Line at the Arboretum, I'll never know, but once again, I was not the least surprised. Even in less than balmy temps and more than ridiculous winds, Madison granted us not one, not two, but four costume changes! By far our most efficient and successful session to date, and now I'm left counting down the months until our One Year session in July. Which, I think, makes for the longest stretch on the blog without a Madison Sighting. Kristin, as always, outstanding work. So much fun. Special thanks to the The Chad for his outstanding help with holding reflectors and such. And a sweet hug to Miss Madison, who upon seeing me for the first time at the beginning of the session flashed me the biggest, toothy smile (and 9 months, she has six of them!), and upon leaving me gave me sweet hugs and kisses. Kristin, cease the blog stalking, and enjoy your sneak!


  1. L.O.V.E them! I can't wait to see the entire shoot!

  2. Such AMAZING Photos! Madison looks so much like her daddy, but you can definitely see her mommy shining through! Kristin brags about your photos all the time. I may have to take a road trip to Dallas when my time(s) come. :)

  3. Actually I personally think L'il Ms. Madison looks like her grandfather, Joe. Isn't she adorable. What a great gift she is to this remarkable, wonderful family - Carol.

  4. Love all her pictures.....she is camera ready
    and always happy....can't imagine why!!!!!!!!
    Auntie "M"