Saturday, April 10, 2010

stacie & co.

She isn't a client. In fact, I was hers. But she did become a friend, and she was one unbelievable realtor. My humble little business has been built soley on referrals, and from time to time I like to do the same for other hardworking folks whom I think went above and beyond in doing their job.
Last summer the hubs and I toyed with the idea of moving closer to his office. In December we decided to put the house on the market. In January, we received the Wylie Connection in the mail. Stacie Gooch 's full page ad caught my eye. She was the #1 Realtor in Wylie. And I really liked her name. She came out to survey the house and give us pointers. In February we put the house on the market. Nine days later, nine days later, we sold the house. In. This. Market. For exactly what we asked for it.
And then we found our dream home. And she helped us get it. And when I named it Westie, she went along and called it that, too.
And for the next 40 something days, The Gooch (that's what we call her in our house) and I became friends. It really did feel like I was buying the house with a friend and not a realtor. When out of town family came in to visit, she took them to Westie. And they fell in love with her, too.
Texting and phone calls at all hours of the day (about everything from bubble machines to chandeliers): she made the stress and hassle of selling/buying a home so unbelievably bearable. Marriage counselor, interior decorator, comic relief, and Watch Dog: she wore so many hats during our sale. In the meantime, she juggled so many other clients, had time to run for re-election for the Wylie School Board, be nominated for and win Wylie Citizen of the Year, maintain her status of Wylie's #1 Realtor, remain an active member with the Chamber of Commerce, and still get home in time to play with little Miss Elizabeth at night. And amidst all the chaos, she never lets you see her stressed. Her laid back attitude was so very calming and so very needed.
Stacie is probably the hardest working woman I've ever met. She's loyal to a fault, the sweetest (and sassiest) thing on two wheels, and if you are in the market to sell or buy right now, I wholeheartedly recommend Stacie Gooch with Ebby Halliday as your girl. She has sold houses in Wylie, Highland Park, Corinth and everywhere in between.
And, when she came with me and the hubs to close on our new home on Tuesday (for moral support, mind you), she brought along two huge pots of beautiful red geraniums. For Westie. Because she remembered me saying something about geraniums on the new porch a few weeks earlier.
Stacie, you were so much more than a realtor, and we can't thank you enough for the outstanding job you did for us. Thank you for making Westie a reality. I'll text you later ...

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