Monday, April 26, 2010

teresa & co.

I met Teresa and Dallas at the hubs' office holiday party. We sat with them at dinner, and I was instantly enamored by the Ken and Barbie couple. Teresa is a fashion designer (the dress she wore that night was killah and made me feel like Mrs. Doubtfire in the woefully inadequate beaded top I chose to wear), and she was recently back from a trip to Asia. Where she picked out textiles and fabrics for her new line. I really didn't think she would be interested in my recent trip to Kroger, where I picked out broccoli and carrots for a new recipe. And, luckily, Dallas was explaining how he came to bear the name, even though he was born in Iowa. So the table was spared my thoughts on Triple Coupon Thursday. Dallas, you see, was born very prematurely. So early, in fact, the doctors warned his parents that he would most likely not survive. So that young couple, in a hospital room in Iowa, chose a name for their son that they thought was strong. And Dallas he became. And now, years and years later, and standing at 6'6", I think they made the right choice. And sitting with the couple that night at dinner, I just knew they had made the right one in each other. I had a feeling Stephen would come home one day from work saying that Dallas had proposed, and not too long after that holiday dinner, he did. The sinfully gorgeous couple will wed in Hawaii this Labor Day, but they allowed me the honor of photographing their engagement pics this past weekend. In Dalls. Guys, it was so much fun! Congratulations on the engagement, good luck with the planning, and many, many happy wishes for the future!

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