Thursday, April 29, 2010

lisa & co.

Meet Miss Elisabeth. Pure. Deliciousness. Incredibly perfect cheeks. An adorable little pout. And that ridiculous head of glorious hair. She came by the studio for some newborns shots (and at four weeks, we were pushing the envelope on that!). Poor baby girl was suffering from some horrible reflux that day, but when Daddy Martin rocked her, she slept like a baby. Also along for the shoot was big brother Jacob, who is 6 1/2, fearless and has the same head of hair as his sister. When he wasn't in front of the camera with his megawatt grin, he was hanging out with my babies. And I guess they must have had fun, because my youngest asked if he could spend the night. Go figure. Billie and Lisa (E's grandma and mama, respectively) also came along for the session, and when we weren't laughing at the noises Martin uses to lull Elisabeth asleep (which absolutely work, mind you), we were laughing about everything else. Such a fun fam, wonderful sense of humor, and oh my heavens, what beautiful babies! The hat Elisabeth is wearing in the second shot is the one Lisa wore when she came home from the hospital as a baby. Special thanks to Billie for all the Behind the Scene help she gave me. And a huge thank you for the entire family for coming out and letting me document this little moment in time! Enjoy your sneak, guys!

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