Monday, April 12, 2010

lindsey & co.

Little Miss Chloe Grace. Her 18 month session was scheduled for a few weeks ago, but the snow that blanketed Dallas that weekend put an end to such plans. We were able to reschedule for last week, and I was so very happy. Every session, dear reader, is special to me. No matter if it's a newborn, 4 year old portraits or just because ... I love every single one. Lindsey's session, believe it or not, was even more special. A few months ago, you see, her handsome husband, at the age of 34, had a heart attack. At 34. Fit in every sense of the word, the doctors chalked it up to genes. At 34. As I chased this gorgeous family around the park, watching them play in the dappled morning sun, I was very aware of so many things. Most importantly, how grateful I was that all three of them were present to document this time in their lives. And how we must truly cherish every second with each other. I never would have guessed six months ago, when Lindsey booked this session, what a different take I'd have on it now. Chloe was as adorable as ever and absolutely loved running around the park. The bond she shares with Lindsey has always been so evident, and it was so sweet to see the one she shared with her daddy. At the end of the session, Chloe started playing with Linds' necklace. As I looked closer, I noticed it was a heart pendant. So very appropriate given recent events, and all the more special when she told me that Corey gave it to her when they were dating. Melt my heart. Guys, it was so much fun. So very special. And such an honor. I wholeheartedly heart you ... and enjoy your sneak!


  1. You did your magic again Jennifer.
    Thanks from all of us. We love your
    work and you are a gifted writer. You
    made me cry this time!

    Susie, Lindsey's Mom

  2. Mascara alert....They are fantastic!!! You have really captured the beauty....all of it! Beautiful!