Wednesday, April 28, 2010

michelle & co.

What do you get when you plan a Playgroup photo shoot for over 20 people? In a nutshell, two rained out sessions, a few last minute cancellations, and one very patient Mommy. I've worked with Michelle and her family so many times now, I've lost count. And this was the second time she took to organizing a Playgroup Photo Session. The last one was about a year ago, and for the little ones who made it back out to see me, I was amazed at how much they'd grown! And so pleased to see how sweet they've remained. Ever the ladies' man, Slaton was picking wildflowers for the lovely Miss Ella; and, as always, he was so willing to sit and pose for me! Ella, who donated her gorgeous hair to Locks of Love a few months back, has always loved my camera. So much so, that a week or so ago she told her mommy (who was attempting to take pictures of her in the backyard), "Mom, I won't smile for you. I'll only smile for Miss Jennifer." Ella, you may move to the head of the class, my Sweet. Little Boy Brooks was not at all happy with the idea of sitting in grass or random chairs that the crazy lady with the camera brought along, but he was perfectly content eating goldfish and playing with his race car. Mr. Miles? Aside from bestowing unto me his wisdom of pasta with pasta sauce, he was Mr. Poser when it came time to take pictures with his lovely mama and his little friends. Miss Madeline and Miss Addison were on their way to their cousin's birthday bash, but they allowed me to capture a few sweet moments with their Mommy and Daddy. Loved when Miss Maddie licked her daddy's cheek, rather than kissing it, as well as the expression of delight on Addison's face when it happened. And what about Mr. Bennet? So dapper and all boy. With an arm that would make Tony Romo weak in the knees, Bennet was throwing balls, blocks and anything else he could find. A gold star goes to Reagan, Slaton and Brook's daddy, for not only holding the reflector like it was his job (well, it was, but he did it with precision), but for making a point to take a few solo pictures with his lovely wife, Courtenay! The older ones in this playgroup have known each other for almost five years. Which is a long time when you're only four. The bond they share with each other is the essence of all things innocent and child like, and it was so sweet to see them play together. The last shot of them snuggling up so sweetly to one another has to be one of my all time faves. Michelle, thank you so much for coordinating this session. So many times! Ladies, thanks for bringing your sweeties out to see me again, and enjoy your sneaky to the peeky!

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