Saturday, April 24, 2010

tracy & co.

They met at a pool party last Mother's Day. He swam up to her and said, "Happy Mother's Day". And this past Saturday, they become husband and wife. She in a lace and bead encrusted gown. He in a tuxedo and black patent leather Chuck Taylors. They danced to "Feels like Home". The vocalist, watching them both dance across the floor, started crying. And then I did, too. The afternoon was exceptionally breathtaking, beautifully executed and one that I'll remember for a long time. And the most amazing part of the day? The families had both been hit with some tragic events in the week leading up to the wedding. The loss of a dearly beloved family member, news that another was very sick ... what could have been a very somber gathering of friends and family turned out to be an inspiring one. The details that went in to the event, from the Wish Tree where guests could write messages to the couple, the promise necklaces the couple presented to Tracy's children during the ceremony, to the ridiculously fun Kids' Table and Lipstick and Moustaches on a Stick: it was an afternoon planned for the guests, and Tracy and Nate clearly wanted them to feel loved, welcomed and appreciated. Two of my favorite moments: the Best Man's speech (Ear Muffs aside, Isaac had some very funny lines) and watching Nate cut a rug with his grandmother. The whole afternoon was spectacular, and I see nothing but happiness, laughs and lots of love in the future for this amazing family. Tracy, thank you so much for allowing me to capture The Day. Enjoy your sneak, Mr. and Mrs. H!


  1. A beautiful day is only further enhanced and treasured by these photographs. you are truly talented.

  2. Aww, I LOVE them!!! It truly was the sweetest ceremony ever and you truly captured the essence of the day! You never cease to amaze!!