Monday, April 26, 2010

stephanie & co.

It had been a year since I last saw Mr. Sam and Miss Claire. And in that year, Claire learned to walk. And talk. Just a few days over two years, this precocious little girl can talk circles around me! She just celebrated her 2nd birthday in the park, with cupcakes. Pink cupcakes, she's quick to point out. And Sam? Sigh ... Sam. I fell in love with the redhead on the spot last year. And this time around, even more so. The boy's favorite foods? Asparagus and tomatoes. At four. And his favorite color? Orange, of course. Which is why he wore his favorite orange shoes during the entire session, and why he loved the orange umbrella I grabbed at the last minute on the way out to see them. Claire and Sam were absolutely too sweet together. Lots of hugs, kisses and hand holding. And if feeding children tomatoes and asparagus is the recipe for such sweetness, my own kiddies are going to be eating them by the plateful! Collecting rocks, dancing to Snow White and searching for squirrels was the perfect way to spend an hour with this sweet, sweet family. And, of course, the Purple Pie Man. Stephanie, thanks so much for sharing your sweeties with me! It was too much fun, and enjoy your sneaky!

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