Wednesday, April 21, 2010

lauren & co.

No matter how many times I work with a family, I always walk away having learned something new about them. And I love that. Oh sure, I already knew that Lauren and Paul met in college, when he was the cashier in her grocery line. And yes, I knew that they would eventually fall in love and marry in a romantic Scottish castle years later. But I didn't know that Lauren was actually born in England. And that she used to have a British accent. But then lost it when her family moved to Iran. Where they lived for a few years until permanently making Texas their home. Nor did I know that Lauren, who loves having Soph's pictures taken regularly, used to have portraits taken of her cat. Yes, her cat. As in feline friend. This, dear reader, has to be my most favorite Lauren fact to date. While the cat didn't make it this session, Sophia did. And aside from her first experience in grass (which was not very popular; her "Home Alone" expression below is her reaction to sitting on the lawn), she loved the outdoor session. With her flaming red hair, creamy white skin and killer blues, she's a show stopper. And at one point we had amassed quite a little crowd of onlookers. And who can blame them? I certainly didn't get enough of her deliciousness. Which leaves me counting down the days until our fall session! Guys, thanks for being so flexible with the rain, and enjoy your sneaky!

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