Tuesday, May 4, 2010

nicole & co.

On the drive in to my one year session with the divine Miss M, I spied a gorgeous field of red poppies. And I called Nicole and David and told them to meet me there, before moving on to our predetermined spot. So they did. And we placed Miss Madeline in the flowers, and there she sat. She seemed very interested in one flower in particular, so I gave it to her. And she stared at it. And then she licked it. And we laughed. And then she put the flower in her mouth. And we laughed even more, commenting what great shots these would make. And then she swallowed the flower. Whole. And started choking. The kind of choking where you don't make a sound and you slowly turn blue. And the entire time she was choking, I just stood there. Muttering an inaudible "Oh, dear!" here and there. And praying to God that she would spit the flower out. Thankfully, thanks to quick action by Nicole and even quicker thinking by David, she did spit out. Whole. And so began our session. I must wholeheartedly commend both Nicole and David for being so unbelievably calm during the drama. I was seriously on the verge of passing out. Maddie rallied after that, and we moved away from the field of choking hazards. And the rest of the session was a lot less eventful. I can't believe the little girl smashing into the pink cake on Saturday was the same little girl I photographed in Nicole's belly over a year ago. Such a huge milestone. Definitely a memorable morning. And such an honor that Nicole and David have trusted me to capture these moments for them the past year. Thanks, guys. Enjoy your sneak ... and next time I promise to be certified in child CPR.

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