Wednesday, May 12, 2010

kelly & co.

At last. At last. This photo session was supposed to happen 6 months ago, when Miss Andie was born. But Alex and Kelly didn't really want "sleepy" poses. And then they decided they wanted pics when she was smiling ... and if she's smiling, it's really best to wait for when she's sitting up. Which brought us to May. And I have to say, it was worth the wait. Andie, as many of you might recall, is often called the Miracle Baby. And, if I'm being completely honest here, we might as well throw Happiest in the title. Such a sweet, beautiful, delicious little ball of smiles and rolls and creamy baby skin. And those cheeks! Heaven help me, this baby was made to be in pictures. Which is a good thing, since Kelly takes so many of them (and which is most likely why Andie was Lil Miss Poser for me). Cuteness quotient aside, it was just so amazing to see this little family of 3 interact. A year ago today, Kelly had no idea if she'd ever get to hold a baby in her arms. And here she is today, with one Mother's Day under her belt, and a lifetime more to celebrate. Guys, it was beyond fun. So many great shots. And such an absolute pleasure. Thanks so much for bringing out her to see me, and enjoy your sneaky!


  1. I just got teary-eyed. Love that sweet baby girl!

  2. JENN- AMAAAZING!!! love them!! Thank you soo much! i'm soo glad we finally got the chance to do a shoot! I want to start planning the next one already!!!

  3. Tear!!!!! I love her! She truly is a miracle baby, and always puts a smile on my face! Jenn- yet again, you have captured perfection and have made lasting memories...Only special people can do that! I LOVE IT...and yes FINALLY I get to see Ms. Andie all hauted up!!!