Monday, May 10, 2010

dawn & co.

When Dawn called to book this session, I was so excited. Three kids. Two of them older. And she just sounded so sweet on the phone. When the whole gang met me for photos, my hunch that she was sweet was proven tenfold. Suffering through the worst case of seasonal allergies I've ever seen, she still managed to laugh, to be a patient Mommy (who brought along carrots for snacks) and somehow evenly split a mini-SNACK bag of M&M's with the whole family. And even shared one chocolate M&M with me. The kids were. Too. Much. Fun. I had to rummage through my mental Bag-o-Tricks for the older ones, and I must say, I think they were big fans of the Jenn Bieber concert I performed for them. And when the littlest one in your group (who happens to be the biggest ham) asks for a hug at the end of your first photo session (just as Mr. Nathan did), you walk away with a big smile of your own and counting down the days until you get to see them all again (just as I did). Dawn and Tracy, thanks so much for bringing your family out to see me! I had so much fun, and enjoy your sneak! Baby, baby, baby, oh ...

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